Tuesday, May 22, 2018

PANGU PATI mediation meeting

By Solomon Puana

Party faction and dispute has become a concern for some Political Parties in the country and
Pangu is one of those parties that is greatly affected by this experiences. On Wednesday 24th of
January this year, a mediation was held at the Office of the Registry of Political Parties, which was
directed to by the National Court to be mediated in the presence of the Registrar of the Registry
of Political Parties. The mediation was basically about the court proceeding between two disputing
parties within Pangu Party and at the same time to comply with the Directional Orders of the
National Court as issued by His Honour, Justice Ere Kariko on the 06th December, 2017 to mediate
on, or before the 24th January 2018.The parties find a way forward in the proceeding instituted
by the President and General Secretary of Pangu Party, asserting their appointments and election
as the duly appointed, and or elected Executives of the Party.
The Direction Orders issued by the Court were eleven (11) in total, however, both parties
agreed to narrow down the Directional Orders to three (3) main issues as proposed agendas, and
or issues for the purpose of the mediation, which were: Declaration of the First Plaintiff as the
National President of Pangu Party and Declaration of the Second Plaintiff as the General Secretary
of Pangu Party; Cost of the Proceedings; and Any other matters. These three (3) main issues and
or agendas were agreed to by both parties prior to and at the mediation.

The members present included the senior staff of the Registry, led by Mr John Bishop, who
chaired the meeting on behalf of the Registrar, who was away due to illness. Other staff present
in the mediation meeting were: Mr Emmanuel Pok, Mr Kennedy Pais and Mr Solomon Puana.
The disputing parties who were present in the meeting and or mediation were: for the Defendants;
the Pangu Party Parliamentary Leader, Honourable Mr Sam Basil; the Party Council Members
and Miss Julie Kaname (Suspended Female Vice-President), Mr Sinaka Rea (Council Member),
Mr Nelson Tuka (Council Member), and Mr Ronald Ababa from Henao Lawyers, representing
the Defendants, Honourable Mr Sam Basil and Mr Sinaka Rea. For the Plaintiffs’, it was
Mr Patrick Pundao (The National President) and Mr Morris Tovebae (The National General Secretary)in person.

The mediation came to an end with all members of the two disputing parties agreeing that the
First Plaintiff, Mr Patrick Pundao remains as the National President of Pangu Party and the Second
Plaintiff, Mr Morris Tovebae remains as the National General Secretary of Pangu Party. It
was also unanimously agreed by both parties that each party to proceeding in the National
Court take the responsibility in meeting their own cost of the proceeding and to submit a supplementary application to the National Court to discontinue the proceeding.

Finally, a request was made by Mr Sinaka Rea to have a full Party Council Members meeting to
endorse the Court finally determining the proceeding and concluding it, including putting to rest
any other matters and any other outstanding issues in order to get the party in order and for the
party to move forward. All present agreed to have the Party Council meeting to be held on the
19th February 2018. On that note, the Parliamentary Party Leader, Honourable Mr Sam Basil also
made the request to the Registrar to allow for the full council members meeting to be held at
the Office of the Registry of Political Parties.

On behalf on the Registrar and the Registry Office, Mr John Bishop and Mr Emmanuel Pok
agreed for the meeting to be held at the Registry of Political Parties Office on the 19th February
2018 as agreed by both parties.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Town hall meetings

By Dr Alphonse Gelu

This is a new concept that the Registry of Political Parties would like to roll out in 2018 and beyond. The concept is based on the idea of bringing politicians and party leaders especially to speak to the people in different locations in the country about themselves, their political party and the policies of their parties. The people will be given an opportunity to ask questions but more so see their Leaders in person. This concept is successfully done in countries like the United States however for us in Papua New Guinea this would be done to suit our own conditions.
The main objective of this concept is to bring our Leaders closer to the people, make our leaders more visible and in the process for our leaders to promote their political parties.
The Registry would be making invitations to Parliamentary Leaders of Political Parties and other Members of Parliament to join it to visit the different locations to take part in this initiative. The Registrar would be writing to each Parliamentary Leader of the 21 political parties in Parliament to take part in this activity. This will be done in early 2018.
Due to the government not funding activities for the Registry in 2018, the Registry is contemplating to roll this out in the Central Province and the National Capital District.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Political Party Expo 2017!

The inaugural political parties expo was considered a success after being staged at the Sir John Guise indoor complex on the 25th November 2017. The main theme of the event was "Know a party, Join a Party". Most Port Moresby residence where grateful of this kind of activity being staged to showcase political parties. Amongst those who attended where party leaders such as Sam Basil, PANGU Pati, Patrick Pruaitch, National Alliance Party, Sir Julius Chan, Peoples Progress Party, Gary Juffa, Peoples Movement for Change Party to name a few. An estimated 1000 plus crowd flocked through to see the political parties and learn about their Policies as well as a chance to join them. The event was staged by the Register of Political Parties in partnership with he UNDP. The day was also marked by a white ribbon day.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Registry's Netball team's achivement for season 16/17

By Henao Lister
Captains of team one (Henao Lister) and two (Marie Fraghi) with the Registrar, Dr Gelu

The 2016/17 Public Service Netball Association (PSNA) ended with both teams from the Registry of Political Parties going into grand final. This was a great achievement for netball team (TEAM IOPP) after overcoming alot of obstacles in the course of the year. The most obvious one was the financial situation in which the office and many other agencies had in common. As a result the number of agencies participating this season was far less compared to the previous season.  The team had to raise funds through a number of fund raising activities and manage to pay the registration fees in order to participate. All this was shown through the generous support of staff and families of Registry including the Registrar

The Star, Ms. Aishar Robert was unbelievable, young utility player age 17 contributed and played a remarkable performance making certain that every basket was counted. “Wild and incredible” as most supporters described her out of court. The best player of the season in Division 6”.
As we prepared for the games, it was a very colorful combination with little ones from their families and supporters joined to be part of the team. No proper coach and trainer but it was our business to pull the trigger to aim for success.  

President Henao shared and quoted that morning in “Philippians 4.13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength”. It was the massage for the grand finale. “It’s not your own strength but go out there and display the strength that God gave you that he along will give your victory”. She added, silently right after the game she whispered saying “Thank you Lord for the victory” Always turn back to God and thank him for he makes miracles and wonders in your entire life. Win for both teams was amazing and satisfaction.

Team One- B: Rose, Alu, Anna, Janet, Doreen, Bessie
F: Maria F (C), Marie A, Rose, Maretha
 Camping spirit was great for Team one (1) as they led in their division by 15 points to 11 to National Fisheries Authority in the first half in Division 2. Goal Shooter Ms. Maretha Kunia not missing all the shorts gave the good front runner into second half.

The opponents had a perfect shooter but was not capable to score as the defenders Marie & Anna took out most balls back. However, silly mistakes by opponents gave opportunities in the mid court area to race off winning with 23 -18.  Sticking to the game plans and maintaining the accuracy passes gave a high note that it was a clear win. Happy for the hard work and jump for joy in the end of the girls. Premiers for 2016/17

A fight back for Team two (2) in Division 6 as Department of Communication led by 15 points to 8 and it was a struggle in the first half for us as we trailed by 7 points and was upsetting. Silly passes gave more advantage to the opponents but suddenly after two minutes break at half time, given a strong advice by the Captain made perfect with minor quick changes in the second lineup.  

Team 2 B: Roa, Henao (C), Maba, Jacinta, Aishar,
F: Geno, Cheno
Aggressive defenders Roa & Geno made a strong retaliation and diligent mid court girls exercising the training techniques that snatched loose balls miraculously winning by 3 points.

Apparently when walking out of court it was overwhelming and a tremendous fight. Another win by full time score: 23 – 20, we also took out the Premier’s and the minor premiers awards for 2016/17 for Division 6.

The next season 2017/18 will be a tough one for us as most players will be leaving to join other clubs but confidently we are looking forward for another challenging historical season in our division’s 1 & 5 respectively. Despite the upsets and shocks with criticisms we are positive that it will be another great year for the Club. 

On behalf of the club, I take this opportunity to say thank you to the Registrar, Dr Alphonse Gelu, the Management and staff. Our little families, diehard supporters for your great support to end a successful year 2016/17 season.  To those who wishes to leave the club, we have enjoyed your company and best wishes to you and new club.  The faithful members/players of the club, you made me a proud President.

PSNA awards: Best Goal Shooter, Maba Suau, Best Defender: Geno Otto in Team 2, Best Goal Shooter, Maretha Kunia, Best Defender: Alu Ali in Team 1. Mid Court: Nil. Special Awards: Janet Mallian & Margaret Areni (Longtime netballers)

By Henao Lister
President of IPPCC Netball team

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The return of former MPs in Papua New Guinea's 2017 elections

Chris Haiveta

By Solomon Puana
Elections in PNG are unpredictable in terms of MPsbeen unseated and returned in the elections. Fourteen former MPs have made a comeback after having left active national politics for some years. They are Member for Manus Open and the Speaker of Parliament – Hon. Job Pomat, Governor for Milne Bay Regional – Hon. Luke Critin, Member for Kavieng Open – Hon. Ian Ling Stucky, Member for Koroba-Kopiago Open and Minister for Immigration and Border Security – Hon. Petrus Thomas, Member for Moresby North-West Open and former Prime Minister – Hon. Sir Mekere Morauta, Member for Markham Open – Hon. Koni Iguan, Member for Menyamya Open – Hon. Thomas Pelika, Member for Naweab Open – Hon. Kennedy Wenge, Governor for Morobe Regional – Hon. Ginson Soanu, Governor for ENB Regional – Hon. Nakikus Konga, Member for Rai Coast Open – Hon Peter Sipai, Governor for Madang Regional – Hon. Peter Yama, Governor for Gulf Regional– Hon. Christopher Haiveta and finally Member for Mendi Open – Hon. Michael Nali.
The Speaker, Hon. Job Pomat lost the Manus Open seat to Ronny Knight in 2012, but unseated Mr. Knight in this completed recent election in 2017.
Hon. Luke Critin returned after losing the Milne Bay Regional seat to Titus Philemon in 2012.
Hon. Ian Ling Stucky made a comeback after 15 years losing the seat to Martin Aini in 2002. Mr Aini retained the seat in 2007, but lost to Ben Micah in 2012. In this election, Hon. Ian L. Stucky won the seat back.
Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Hon. Petrus Thomas has been out of national politics for 10 years and has successfully won the seat this election (2017).
Former Prime Minister and PNG Party Leader Hon. Sir Mekere Morauta retired from active national politics after the 2007 election but decided to make a comeback after 5 years and unseated Michael Malabag this election (2017).
Hon. Koni Iguan won the Markham Open seat back, after he had lost the seat to Paul Izikiel in 2012.
Hon. Thomas Pelika and Hon. Kennedy Wenge have won their seats back. Both have returned to active national politics after 15 years.
Hon. Ginson Soanu was the former member for Kawbum and lost his seat to Sir Bob Dadae. He came back contesting the Morobe Regional seat and won the seat after 15 years out of active politics.
Hon. Peter Sapia lost the Rai Coast Open seat in a by – election and was out of politics for some years. He successfully won the seat back this election.
Hon. Chris Haiveta has held the Gulf regional seat for three terms, then lost to Havila Kavo in 2007. He returned after 10 years and won the Gulf Regional seat this 2017 National Election.
Hon. Michael Nali lost the Mendi Open seat in 2007. He returned after 10 years and unseated Mr De Kewanu in this 2017 election.
More information at www.ippcc.gov.pg

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Women candidates in Papua New Guinea's 2017 general elections

By Madeline Saga
The 2017 National Elections saw the largest number of women contesting in history of Papua New Guinea. A total of 167 women contested, the highest so far, an increase of 33 women from 134 from the 2012 Elections and 101 from 2007. This trend makes it obvious to note that we will see an ever increasing number of women contesting the next elections as more women become aware of political participation.
 Of the 167 women candidates, 106 of them contested as independents while 61 were party endorsed candidates. This clearly shows that over half of the total number of women candidates contested as independents. A number of reasons as to why this was the case would include, no form of resource support since first contact of a political party, parties did not seem to show an interest in the candidate, candidate just had no form of knowledge for what parties stood for and a candidate felt she did not need to be in association with a party as she had all her resources in place. However, the Registry of Political Parties and Candidates believe that any candidate whether male or female that contests under a political party has a greater chance of being placed in the top 5 final placing of the seat that he or she contests than an independent candidate. It is important to note that of the 110 declared seats 96 were won by candidates who contested under political parties while 14 candidates ran as independents. 

Despite there being a fair distribution of women candidates throughout the country as shown in the column graph above, not a single woman candidate was able to win a seat. However, the women who ran under parties fared much better by making it into the top 10. Those most notable include Dulciana Somare for East Sepik Regional, Rufina Peter for Central Regional, Delilah Gore for Sohe Open, Julie Soso for Eastern Highlands Regional and Iamo Launa for Rigo Open amongst a few of the 61 party endorsed female candidates.

The Registry has now begun to strengthen the role of women through political parties, a key area the Registry has always emphasised on and will continue to do so. The Registry will endeavour to work closely with political parties specifically their Constitutions to create a separate division that will promote women as members, as executives, conduct training tailored for women, identify potential women candidates and seek funds to support women in the political parties that they are members of.
If you would like to get more stories please visit this www.ippcc.gov.pg

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Since the inception of the Registry back in the early 2000s, the Registry didn’t have a server nor a Local Area Network (LAN). In 2009 the Registry purchased it first server and setup its LAN in the old office premises at Kumul Haus along Waigani. The Registry moved to its present location here at Varahe Street in 2014 and also moved its equipment. By than the server had being in operation for over 5 years and needed replacing. The office fitout and the initial setup cost was fairly high and left little funds for other works including the purchase of a new. The server finally crashed in early 2016 and the office was handicapped since. This was compounded by the Registry’s budget cut that same year.
The Registry through the Registrar sought various sponsors to assist in the registry’s plight until the Department of National Planning through the Secretary, Ms Hakaua Harry intervened and took up the cost of purchasing it for the office. The server was purchased at a cost of K120 803.75 through Datec. It functions as a data center to support the Registry’s computer applications such as email, file print, website, Alesco payroll system as well as the government accounting system called IFMS.

  • ·     Staff can access emails via mobile devices anywhere 24/7
  • ·     Share files without the need for flash drives
  • ·     Files are backed up regularly via automated schedules
  • ·     Control of files and usage of internet
  • ·     Capacity to digitalising and archiving of hard copies
  • ·    Updated antivirus and security system
  • ·   Virtualisation technology to run more than one server
  • ·    Increased storage capacity 
  •   The server is backed up by a 2KVA UPS in case of delayed blackout.

The Registrar, Dr Alphonse Gelu would like to thank Secretary Hakaua Harry from the Department of National Planning for this timely assistance and look forward to enhancing its work through this valuable asset.