Friday, September 24, 2010

2010 technology upgrade for Registry of Political Parties Commission

We finally received our much awaited server from Datec. The IBM x3400 server is a SBS 2008 Server that comes with the usual backup media and utilities. The delivery of this equipment will compliment what has been established in the office. So far over the past 12 months other upgrades include:

 Development of an IPPCC Website
 Alesco Payroll system onsite processing
 LAN Setup
 Resources and file sharing as well as printer sharing facilities
 Heavy duty copier/fax/printer/scanner

The next 12 months (2011) would see other major upgrades:
 Upgrade of PABX
 Replacement of old pcs
 Fast Internet connectivity (broadband)
 Email connectivity (Gov net)

Other planned activity involves the development of an intranet site and party registry system. These are all subject to timing and workload.

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