Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Party Executives attend workshop

A five day intensive workshop was held on the 16 – 20th of August in the Central Province focused on Gender and Election which saw political party executives and staff of the Integrity of Political Party and Candidates Commission attending. Facilitators and organizers of the workshop UNIFEM marked this occasion as a first of its kind in the Pacific to be run by the UN Organisation. In closing the workshop, the Registrar of Political Parties Sir Kina Bona encouraged more workshops to focus political parties on issues that enable them to develop appropriate policies and select quality candidates to assume leadership roles at the national level or the local level governments. The workshop concluded with presentations of certificates to participants and also recognized one of the facilitators who is fully accredited as a UNIFEM facilitator.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Safety first

Law and Order is a social problem in every country. As we speak a crime is committed every second of every minute around the world. The trend of crime is changing, some simple and some more complexes that involve a number of individuals or certain groups of people. Port Moresby is no exception and there are some measures that you can take in order to avoid this.
Those that commit this act usual act on individuals that are vulnerable and less likely to defend themselves. Here are some measures you can take and avoid this but this is not a guarantee as it can even happen to anyone in the most unlikely places and least expected.
Here are some tips:
Using Public Motor Vehicle (PMV)
1. When deciding to catch a PMV, always make sure that your valuable are stored in a non exposable bag. Example it is not advisable to carry a bilum from the coastal area as it is exposed and everything that is inside can be seen. Carry a highlands bilum made of wool where nothing is exposed.
2. Ladies especially are encouraged to go in groups or with older female companion or wantoks during the day.
3. When walking it is good to keep your bags or bilum in front of you so that you are in perfect view of your valuables.
4. If confronted and outnumbered, don’t resist but give them your valuables. It is better to be safe than sorry.
5. Avoid crowded areas as it is potential that most rascals strike in those places
6. In the bus it is always advisable to close windows or avoid sitting next to windows as most thugs strike when the victim is unsuspecting. (eg snatching of mobile phones and bags)
7. It is advisable not to be on the mb phone when on the bus especially when sitting on the window seat.
8. Avoid carrying a lot of things when deciding to use this alternative transport.
**Please note that this is applicable mostly in urban PMV routes (Port Moresby and Lae) and doesn’t apply to rural PMVs**
Using vehicle
1. Always keep your doors locked at all times.
2. When approaching roundabout make sure your windows are fully wind up or 80% up to avoid thugs putting their hand through
3. Drive in more common and more useable roads. Avoid back roads and less frequently used roads
4. Avoid driving late at nights especially when you leave in a resident that have a gate on the main road.
5. When driving pay attention to vehicles. If you suspect a vehicle following you avoid heading home but drive around for a while or head straight to a police station.
6. Avoid leaving valuables in your car as it attracts attention. Store in the boot of your car or have someone stay in the car. Even a tinted glass isn’t guaranteed
7. When travelling around, it is good to have company especially boys or men with you.
8. When driving into a neighborhood that is unfamiliar, try to get a local (someone who lives around that area) to accompany you.

Living in a community or compound
Get to know your community and local neighborhood that you reside in. Have some relatives live at home when taking a vacation or going out for a while.
Welcome any new ideas or those that I have missed out.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

House on sale K280 000.00

Believe it or not that’s what this house in the picture is worth. The story is the same everywhere you go around Port Moresby. The inflammatory figure of real estate is so wide that real estate companies are laughing all the way to the bank. For ordinary citizens, this is by far too much and unlikely to be affordable for most. I had an agent call me up to inspect the property at Hohola 2 and judging from the house itself it wasn’t worth the cost. An insider in the real estate at one stage informed me that this was due to the normal market force of demand and supply. When demand is high and supply is low, the price of things rise but the opposite is demand is low and supply is high , there is a tendency the prices will fall. In reality sadly many houses are sprouting up in squarter settlements in and around the city today as a result of this.If you would like to get in touch with the agent call Katherine on 76896913

Visit to Koukou

With LNG project in its development stages, many houses and business expansions and ventures are mushrooming alongside the stretch of road that leads to the project site. One such place is a tucked away group of family property passed Baruni village. ACS Logistic company have converted their land into a storage yard for companies to store their materials for construction. Others are going into properties by building high covenant residents for workers to rent out. This same road leads to villages such as Porebada, Lealea, Papa and other koitabu villages…Picture is the ACS Storage yard with a new house ready for occupancy.Others also are new developments alongside the road

Friday, August 6, 2010

Changing landscape of Port Moresby

Port Moresby has begun the process to embrace the multibillion LNG project. Over the past 5 years the city has absorbed an influx of people both international and domestic. In the past couple of years as well major changes has taken place in terms of its environment. If you drive around today many buildings are popping up as well as initiatives taken by NCDC to beautify the city by outsourcing it to contractors. In the past year two fountains have been built, one at Gerehu and the other at 5 Mile. In a the last month, two giant turtles are being erected at two locations, one at 4 Mile and the other at Koki round about. This magnificent artwork is by far an eye catching piece. On the other note roads are being sealed at different suburbs whilst little pot holes are now thing of the past. Even street lights are now being repaired. A major shopping mall is being built along John Guise Drive Waigani by RH and is expected to be completed by September 2010. Another is the luxury hotels which will see PNG’s first casino in the country. On the list of projects to be yet to be initiated includes a bi pass and the upgrade of the Jackson’s International Airport.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

ANZ PNG Celebrating 100 years

Mike Smith the CEO for ANZ Group arrived in the country to join the centennial celebrations of ANZ PNG. Greeting him where the Managing Director, MR Vishnu Mohan and four kids dressed up in traditional attire representing the four regions of PNG to welcome him. Amongst them was Jeremiah who began beating his kundu as soon as the entourages arrived. A Gala Dinner was held to mark this occasion. Amongst VIPs are the Prime Minister, Managing Directors and CEOs of Corporate houses. ANZ is celebrating 100 years of introducing banking in Papua New Guinea.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another addition to the family

Amongst the busy hassles of the modern world, a new addition to the family arrived on the 3rd of August 2010 around mid night. “Melki” as we have named him is the new member of the Patterson Family. He adds to Ian’s children of three boys and one girl. From the Eldest to the youngest is; Kelly, Marcella, Auro and Melki. Congrats Naki on your new born baby and welcome Melki.

Hygiene, make it our business

Whilst our health system is struggling to keep up with the pressure of an ever increasing population, many people do not realize this but we can play our part in a small way to ease this pressure in this system. A lot is avoidable and preventable and one way is the observant of hygiene in our own homes and community. The simple procedure of washing our hands before eating or after using the toilet in one way contributes to hygiene. Having a community day of cleaning also is a simple step for a healthier community. The non observant of hygiene is disastrous. This year (2010) the outbreak of Cholera has seen the government spend over millions of kina to get this under control. This money that is supposed to rebuild or maintain existing health facilities is being spent on this emergency. Responsibility partly lies on our shoulders to play our part to prevent and avoid the emergence of these deathly diseases. Pictured is an example of a community in an urban setting that is most vulnerable to an outbreak of such diseases as cholera and typhoid.