Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leading to Independence celebrations

As we approach Independence day celebrations, there are many events that will take place around the country. Here in the nation’s capital the streets are all lined up with the PNG flag. There are events already planned and is out on the media for NCD. There will be a float in the morning going around the city. Most celebrations will be at Jack Pidik Park where traditional singsings, choir, concerts and art & craft market, flower displays and Governors fund raising ball.Celebrations will start on the 15th of September with float around the city. followed by a live concert. Friday will see singsing groups from the 20 provinces led by the Police band. Official Celebrations will begin with the National Athem and Pledge. This will be followed by and an aerial show "Wan Kantri". After the offical ceremony there will be live band concert led by Moses Tau until 8 in the evening with a spectacular fire works. Saturday will see the continuation of celebration and should end in the afternoon. Happy Independence Papua New Guinea!