Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Noki calls it quits

Had the honor of working with a fine gentleman who hails from East Sepik Province. Though looking frail and old with a scruffy appearance, one would be surprise of the old man’s rich background that began as a young man. I was surprised one morning when he was doing his usual office rounds that he did stop for a chat. The usual morning greetings began and we engaged in a full conversation. Hes being to my village and stayed there for an year he tells me. One story led to the other and I realized that this old man was no ordinary man. He was indeed a sailor. He has been to the four corners of the globe sailing on huge ocean liners. After many years of working, he has decided to quit as his ailing body is not strong enough anymore. We did a farewell reception for him on the 2nd of September 2011. The Registrar on behalf of the Registry Office thanked him for his services to the organization and wished him well for the future. Noki as he is known, Farewell and happy retirement!.